Jacqui Ramrayka

2021 QEST Britford Bridge Trust Scholar - Ceramics

Jacqui is a ceramicist specialising in thrown and glazed vessels, mainly porcelain, in a wide variety of forms. She gained a BA in Ceramics from the University of Westminster, before co-founding a ceramics studio, Archway Ceramics. She has been a self-employed maker for 20 years.  

Most of Jacqui’s current work is thrown, but her focus is always on vessels, so she continues to make hand-built projects when appropriate. She typically produces a series of one-off pieces, inspired by natural and urban landscapes and found objects. She uses the surfaces of her vessels as way to express a narrative and achieve a patina of depth and variety. She layers her vessels with oxides and glazes, brushed and dipped, and often multi-fired. 

Jacqui’s QEST Scholarship will support her during an MA in Ceramics & Glass at the Royal College of Art. One of the central aims of Jacqui’s practice is to maintain the traditions and threads that links each one generation to the next by passing her skills on. She already gives back to her craft by teaching, both freelance and in schools. She hopes that the additional experience she gains from her scholarship will help her teaching, as much as it helps her artistic practice.  

Photo credits: Alun Callender