Jack Relton

2019 QEST Carpenters' Company Scholar - Furniture making

Jack initially started making furniture for fun on evenings and weekends, foraging for discarded materials in builders’ skips; dragging pallets, rafters and copper pipes back to his shed. Through self directed study – books, YouTube tutorials, and much trial and error – he learnt skills and techniques as and when his projects demanded them. Over the following years he slowly turned this hobby into a profession, and began making bespoke furniture from Blackhorse Workshop, a shared professional wood and metal workshop in north London.

In 2019 Jack received a QEST Scholarship to study fine furniture design and making at Williams & Cleal in Somerset. There he studied traditional and contemporary techniques, broadening and deepening his knowledge of the craft. Jack is now back in London, working on speculative furniture designs using solid wood from locally grown trees.

I want the provenance of the materials to be clear, and the hand of the maker to be evident in my work.