Jessica Fraser

2018 QEST Apprentice - Textiles
West Yorkshire

Over the past 250 years, luxury fabric manufacturer Joshua Ellis & Co has developed generations of craftsmen and women to support the weaving industry in Yorkshire. In order to protect these traditional skills, they are investing in the future, with six apprentices in a workforce of 35.

When Jessica joined the labelling department in 2017, it was apparent that her interest in science and textiles would suit a colour matching apprenticeship. QEST is supporting Jessica’s salary while she is training, both in house and at the Textile Centre of Excellence in Huddersfield, on dyeing, carding and spinning for cashmere and wool.

Once qualified, as a full-time assistant to the company’s specialist in this rare, highly-prized skill, I will be able to dye specific shades, blend to make unique colours for our luxury and couture clients, and co-ordinate schedules with production.