Kurtis Scott

2021 QEST Johnnie Walker Scholar - Luthiery
Co. Down

Kurtis started his career as a maker studying Manufacturing Engineering at South Eastern Regional College. In 2016 he returned to the College for a three-year degree in Mechatronics Engineering, before working with Lowden Guitars. There he gained valuable experience producing guitars to a high standard, specialising in inlay, neck-jointing and finishing. Kurtis has since left Lowden and founded his own business, PictGuitars.

QEST funding will enable Kurtis to receive further training under the master craftsman Sam Irwin of Lagan Lutherie Guitars. This will cover all aspects of guitar building, from initial design of the instrument, through making moulds and jigs, sharpening tools and choosing, storing and preparing timber, the construction of the instrument itself and final finishing and setting up instruments.

His ultimate goal is to create a unique lutherie business that produces exceptional and environmentally friendly guitars.

I want to create truly beautiful instruments made with the highest quality sustainable materials and tonewoods, by using traditional methods taught to me by true masters of the craft, I aim to make each guitar unique tonally and visually. Environmental issues are ever growing so I will be aiming to collaborate with environmental charities to help raise money for their cause.