Lauren Day

2014 QEST Bendicks (Mayfair) Ltd Scholar - Textiles
South Ayrshire

Lauren’s QEST Scholarship funded a Haute Couture Professional Training course at Ècole Lesage in Paris. The school is world renowned for teaching hand embroidery. The course was taught across eight levels incorporating multiple techniques used in ‘Haute Couture’ hand embroidery. Completing this course provided Lauren with a skilled technical foundation to challenge traditional approaches to hand embroidery and build upon the skills previously learnt during her undergraduate degree at the Glasgow School of Art. 

Recently Lauren has been focused on exploring colour through her work by creating colour drawings from thread in response to an image or concept.  This detailed and intuitive process of decision making and interpretation using thread, results in a palette that can be used across any design sector (eg. interiors, fashion, architecture, landscape, product design). When working in a collaboration with a photographer, Lauren particularly enjoys the unexpected areas of colour that she is drawn to analyse and the nuanced impact of proportion.