Lauren Elizabeth Tidd

2013 QEST Garfield Weston Foundation Scholar - Jewellery Design & Making
West Midlands

Lauren Elizabeth launched Lauren Elizabeth Jewellery in 2011 after training both as a Goldsmith (BA Hons) and a certified Gemmologist (FGA & DGA) at the world-renowned University School of Jewellery in Birmingham. With a long held enthusiasm for contemporary art and three-dimensional design, Lauren aspires to provide exclusive, timeless fine jewellery and accessories for her clientele. Her work combines traditional skills with cutting edge new technology and is motivated by a number of inspirations relating to architecture, sculpture, pattern, negative space and modern artwork.

A QEST Garfield Weston Foundation Scholarship allowed Lauren to attend the New Approach School for Jewellers in the USA where she embraced new technology to learn professional stone setting techniques and innovative concepts.