Matthew Cayton

2019 QEST Broderers' Company Scholar - Hand embroidery

Following a career in teaching, Matthew discovered a love of needlework and he is passionate about all forms of English hand embroidery. Becoming a QEST Broderer’s Company Scholar has enabled Matthew to undertake the Future Tutor course at the Royal School of Needlework which will equip him with the skills to create pieces of work in the Jacobean style alongside other techniques such as; gold, black and white work; canvas stitches and shading; silk shading and tapestry shading; as well as stump work and appliqué. In addition to the acquisition of these practical skills, the course will provide Matthew with the knowledge to conserve and restore important historic examples of hand embroidery, preparing him to pass on the techniques of his craft to future generations.

Growing up, spending an awful lot of time in hospital and recuperating from surgery, I found that embroidery was the perfect pastime. The meditative and mindfulness qualities are very appealing and the history of the vast array of different hand embroidery techniques fascinating.