Momoka Gomi

2022 QEST Scholar - Hand Weaving

Momoka worked as a kimono dresser before becoming a designer and maker of textiles and gaining an MA in Textile Design and Innovation from Nottingham Trent University. Focusing on hand-weaving, she works mainly with cotton denim and silk yarn, to create striking pieces of textile wall art.

QEST funding will enable Momoka to undertake courses in pattern cutting at Central Saint Martins and London College of Fashion. This will enable her to push the boundaries of textile art, creating sculptural, wearable art which bridges fashion, craft and art. Her goal is to create bespoke wearable pieces, and to see her wall hangings and panel works presented next to the wearable garments in galleries and other settings.

Woven cloth, like denim and skin, is a fabric that can embrace notions of personal expression and lived experiences through the passage of time. Colours may be subtle, fading into surface textures, eroded in places to represent the life stories of the owner.

QEST Sanderson Rising Star Craft Award

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