Naomi Sadler

2019 QEST Bendicks (Mayfair) Ltd Scholar - Bookbinding

Naomi is a Shropshire based bookbinder. She has 10 years’ experience, having been trained in, and worked at, a UK hand bindery.  Naomi now runs Briar Rose Books and offers a wide range of binding services, from slipcases and solander boxes to rebinds, new custom made photo albums and guest books. She especially enjoys rescuing damaged novels and poetry books. Naomi organises workshops for individuals, schools and craft groups to promote bookbinding knowledge, as well as providing demonstrations to introduce and educate children and adults about bookbinding.

QEST allowed Naomi to enhance her skills and learn new techniques such as applying leather effects and dyeing, creating endbands and finishing techniques. Her new skills will go towards creating contemporary fine bindings.

Being an avid reader and book collector I began bookbinding as a hobby to fix my old books. I enjoyed discovering the huge range of skills and binding variations so my hobby quickly turned into a career. My passion for rescuing books still inspires my work today.