Phoebe Corker-Marin

2017 QEST Garfield Weston Foundation Scholar - Doll Making

Phoebe studied Experimental Psychology at St. Catherine’s College, Oxford before gaining a place at the Royal College of Art to study textiles. At the RCA she established herself as a figurative sculptor focused on exploring the physicality of the female body through the medium of fabric. A QEST Garfield Weston Foundation Scholarship funded her second year tuition fees. Through the assistance of QEST and its supportive community, Phoebe used the final year of her degree to build both a strong technical and creative foundation to realise the full potential of her female forms and establish a flourishing art practice. Her work explores our internal narratives and sets out to transcribe these inner experiences into physical objects.

Phoebe has an affinity for textiles and a flair for sculptural form with a strong emphasis on texture. Her keen eye for detail is widely acknowledged.