Poppy Field

2016 QEST Finnis Scott Foundation Scholar - Sculpture

Poppy is a sculptor who works from life, under natural north light, modelling her figures in clay and casting them in bronze. In parallel with commissioned works, Poppy is working on a series of life-size figures to create an empowering iconography for young women. Her ambition is to create demographic and topical bronze figurative sculpture for public spaces.

A QEST Finnis Scott Foundation Scholarship in 2016 supported Poppy during her second year of training in figurative sculpture at The Florence Academy of Art (FAA).

In 2019, Poppy was awarded the Tiranti Prize for best exhibit by a sculptor under 30 at The Society of Portrait Sculptors’ Annual Exhibition. She was also awarded the 2019 “Golden Ticket” Denis Diderot Fellowship to attend a residency at the Château d’Orquevaux in Champagne-Ardenne, France.

Alongside her studio practice, Poppy teaches sculpture and lectures in the History of Art.

Poppy can make her material live its own life… Poppy is not out for myth. She is out for labour, the work, and the fierce fatigue of it all.
Brit Parks, UNPOLISHED MAGAZINE, Book 07, pp.4-7.