5 QEST Scholars Confirmed as Tenants at New Heritage & Craft Centre

12th June 2019

Grandey’s Place Opens This Summer in Warren Park, East Hertfordshire

Grandey’s Place at Warren Park is a new centre dedicated to the conservation of Britain’s Heritage Crafts. Opening Summer 2019, it will offer up to 25 affordable studio units for craftspeople to work alongside one-another as part of an exciting new creative community. Scaled rental subsidies are available, determined on an individual basis, and there will also be mentoring opportunities and spaces for craft lecturing or schooling available onsite.

We are delighted that 5 QEST Scholars have been confirmed as Tenants:

  • Wayne Hart, QEST Scholar 2011, Lettercarver, Sculptor & Glass Engraver
  • Poppy Field, QEST Finnis Scott Foundation Scholar 2016, Sculptor
  • Mark Angelo-Gizzi, QEST The Leathersellers’ Chairtable Fund Scholar 2013, Bespoke Handmade Leather Bags & Satchels
  • Seth Kennedy, QEST Britford Bridge Trust Scholar 2018, Antiquarian Horologist & Watch Case Maker
  • Grace Brennan, QEST Scholar 2010, Artist and Scenic Artist

Working with the help of the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST), Grandey’s Place is purpose-designed and built to be a centre of craft excellence. Whether working in an endangered craft, as identified on the HCA Red List of Endangered Crafts, or simply a craft or industry that both conserves and creates a product or service of excellence; Grandey’s Place aims to attract a mix of like-minded creative and heritage sustaining talents.

More information is available at grandeysplace.co.uk