Seth Kennedy

2018 QEST Britford Bridge Trust Scholar - Horology

Mechanically-minded Seth came to antiquarian horology after working as a design engineer.  He now services, repairs and restores antique pocket watches using his own tools and techniques, a method endorsed in a treasured letter from the great British watchmaker, George Daniels.

Seth is developing his pocket watch case-making skills, particularly rose engine turning for decoration, with a QEST Britford Bridge Trust Scholarship to train with two experts: Steven Keen will help Seth to select machinery and provide 10 days of tuition over the next year and Seattle-based Brittany Nicole Cox will spend a week at Seth’s London workshop to assist with set-up and practice.

There are only a few people in the UK making cases professionally. By bringing engine turning in-house, I can offer a more complete service, make higher quality cases, and perform better repairs on decorated cases.