Dean Evans

2019 QEST QEST Pewterers' Company Scholar - Horology

Dean’s fascination with mechanics and design from an early age eventually led him to horology, a subject that ties together art and mechanical precision in a captivating way. He was granted a QEST Scholarship to study on the 3000 hour watchmaking course at The British School of Watchmaking.  This two year course in Manchester teaches traditional watchmaking techniques alongside modern day watch servicing methods.

As a watchmaker, Dean is passionate about using traditional techniques to keep a dying craft alive in the modern age, and his long term aim is to produce one-of-a-kind handmade watches and clocks.

George Daniels, arguably the greatest horologist ever, declared in a lecture in 1990 that, “a watch has historic, intellectual, technical, aesthetic, useful and amusing properties.” It is the diversity of the subject that first attracted me and the craft seems to me to be a never ending quest for perfection.