Rachael Tyler Bacon

2006 QEST Scholar - Painting & Printmaking
North Yorkshire

Rachael is a British painter, printmaker and sculptor living and working in the North Yorkshire coastal area of Britain. She studied Fine Art Foundation at Newcastle College and then Sculpture and Printmaking at Bretton Hall College, University of Leeds where she graduated with a BA Hons in Fine Art in 2001. She went on to train in painting, studying life drawing alongside practising painters including Doug Binder at Dean Clough studios Halifax. 

A QEST Scholarship supported Rachael in a two-year apprenticeship in the 500-year old craft of intaglio hand and machine printing at Bewick Studios in Northumberland. The training covered intaglio processes including aquatint, mezzotint, etching, drypoint and sugar lift, and she also made a study of letterpress processes. Rachael’s intaglio practice led to commissions and collaborations nationally, in Hong Kong and South Africa.

Rachael’s recent print collections working with etching, litho and blind emboss began in response to the 17th century alchemist, mathematician and cosmologist Robert Fludd’s use of music as a metaphorical tool to understand the universe. The etchings explore harmonic ratios and wave patterns reflecting on galaxy formations. Her current paintings focus on the experience of people within an urban or wild landscape, and reflect an intimacy in the way we respond to environment, of fleeting moments and interactions within a place and time.

Our relationship with the landscape around us, and our place within the universe are particular areas of exploration in my work.