Rowan Mconegal

2016 QEST Scholarship - Stained glass & Printmaking

Trained as a fine artist at Bath Academy of Art, specialising in Painting and Printmaking, Rowan has also worked as a photographer, herbalist and glass artist. In 2016 she received a QEST Scholarship to study Mokuhanga in Japan for five weeks.

Underlying Rowan’s practice is an appreciation of the beauty and value of the natural world, especially it’s cultural value. She continues to develop her artistic language, making the transition from glass to printmaking. She worked with glass for many years, with private clients, making special pieces that reflect their own lives, incorporating personal iconography in her own style, on public commissions, and on personal projects in the studio, aiming to make work that nurtures the contemplative spirit, enriches peoples’ environments and encourages creative expression public or sacred spaces.

Rowan now practices, researches & teaches Mokuhanga.

I’m primarily concerned with the environment, with my practice evolving from an engagement with nature, and raw natural materials. I find Mokuhanga utilises natural materials in a delightful and meditative way, and my practice continues to develop, using local pigments and woods, and travelling back to Japan to learn more from Master Mokuhanga artists.