Terry Mann

2021 QEST Scholar - Musical Instrument Making

Terry studied Early Woodwind Musical Instrument Technology at the London College of Furniture in the 1980s, before pursuing careers as a musician and an award-winning contemporary classical composer. He returned to making in 2015 and from his workshop has started establishing himself as a maker of quality medieval and renaissance woodwinds. His current focus is on tabor pipes based on the 16th century Mary Rose finds, and recorders based on the 15th century Elbląg find.

Terry’s future plans include renaissance consort recorders, a Virdung late medieval recorder quartet, and learning to make reed instruments (rauschpfeife, curtal, shawm and crumhorn) with master craftsman Eric Moulder, supported by QEST funding. In 2021 Terry formed the New Cambridge Waits to perform music of the medieval and renaissance periods.

I went to college to make woodwind instruments as a musician who wanted to have all the instruments of the Renaissance, not as someone wanting to be an instrument maker. Thirty years later, I have returned to making, and find that it is a dying craft.

It is of the utmost importance to me that the skills I learnt can be passed on to future generations, and I am delighted to have a QEST Scholarship to enable me to learn as much as I can from one of my old tutors who is a master of his craft.


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