Fibre to Fabric Crowdfunder Campaign Launched by Mourne Textiles

13th June 2023

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Mario Sierra of Mourne Textiles has launched a new campaign to restore our textile heritage in Northern Ireland. His project is aimed at not only preserving but bringing to life the exceptional heritage of the Northern Ireland textile industry. He believes in a green and sustainable future, where innovation meets tradition and tradition informs innovation. Join Mario in restoring vintage flax processing and spinning equipment and reviving the full natural fibre manufacturing process. His aim is to celebrate and learn from our shared history while creating a new industry that is sustainable, non-polluting, and fit for the 21st century.

Mario’s mission is to develop a new net-zero raw material supply chain for high-value manufacturing industries, rejuvenating equipment, and technology to deliver that based on our shared history. He plans to locate and learn from those who worked in the industry, celebrating and recording these skills. By logging and learning from our shared history, he can create new wealth and valuable skills for generations to come.

The project has tremendous historical value to Northern Ireland and the weaving industry, and they need your support to make it a reality. Join them in celebrating our heritage and shaping a brighter future through the power of textiles, “Fibre to Fabric”.

The Story
Mario discovered a complete set of industrial flax spinning machines while searching for vintage power looms in old derelict linen mills. Although old, these machines are still very relevant today for processing flax, hemp, and possibly nettle fibres once they have been harvested, scutched, and heckled.

In collaboration with local farmers at Mallon Linen, Mario aims to promote sustainable fabric production on the Island of Ireland, by creating a field-to-fabric circular supply chain. His focus is on producing environmentally friendly fabrics grown and processed locally.

To achieve this, he plans to restore the flax processing and spinning equipment, which is the missing link required to process flax fibres into yarn. Bringing these renowned textile brands, Mackies and Combe Barbour, which are synonymous with Northern Ireland Linen industry, back into production.

They have also obtained an industrial power loom to produce narrow-width linen and selvedge denim. This Atherton loom is a recognised textile brand that we are excited to restore to create sustainable Irish Selvedge denim – truly promoting our heritage and craftsmanship.

The second phase of our project is to create a unique ‘Micro Spinning Mill’ using these vintage machines, training a new generation of skilled craftsmen and opening the doors to visitors as a living, working museum. Recording and securing our textile heritage for future generations while learning from our shared history. This will enable visitors to learn about the production techniques used in the past and see the production process first hand.

Join Mario in creating a more sustainable future for the fabric industry in Ireland by backing his project today:

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