QEST Scholars Selected for British Glass Biennale 2022

23rd August 2022


The British Glass Biennale returns on 26 August, with an exhibition that presents the most interesting, diverse and outstanding glass art made in the UK in the last three years. Featuring in the show are works by QEST Scholars Scott Benefield, Joanna Manousis and Katherine Huskie.

Scott Benefield’s ‘Albion’ are large, non-functional vessels are made using a combination of cane techniques to create a collage of pattern and texture.  All cane work derives from the idea of assembling the walls of a blown glass piece using separate pieces of glass (as opposed to the more traditional technique of gathering and inflating a homogenous mass of glass). In most of his production work the patterns are regular and symmetrical, with the overall quality of the work judged by the uniformity of intervals and the precision of execution. But other designs, featuring asymmetry or more abrupt and disparate transitions, are also possible within an overall composition. 

Joanna Manousis had two works selected for the exhibition – ‘Golden Thread’ (Diamond Point), 2019 and ‘Bottled Pear’, 2020. In ‘Bottled Pear’ a silhouette of a pear rests in the bottom of a half-filled decanter, while a bronze pear simulating spoilt fruit rests under the bronze branch positioned above. Residual memoires of loved ones lost is embodied in this piece and our subtle shifts in perception when recollecting time and place.  

‘Cassito’ by Katherine Huskie was designed with her passion for adding textures to blown forms. Traditionally she adds the texture to the outside of her vessels, however, with this series she has changed the perception of decorating a form by adding it to the inside of the vessel. Allowing the usually hidden pattern to be seen and drawing the viewer in to see where the actual textures are. Once you peer inside an incredible undulating quality is revealed. 

On show at the Glasshouse, Stourbridge until 2 October. For more information see here.

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