QEST Scholars Shine at Goldsmiths’ Fair 2022

22nd August 2022


Bringing together 136 of the UK’s most extraordinary silversmiths and goldsmiths, this year’s Fair will feature work by six QEST Scholars – Joy Bonfield-Colombara, Sian Evans and Yeena Yoon in Week One (27 September – 2 October), and Manasi Depala, Kayo Saito and Jacqueline Cullen in Week Two (4-9 October).

From wire work to 3D printing, traditional goldsmithing to intricate engraving, the 40th anniversary exhibitors combine ancient techniques with modern day technologies, ensuring that there will be something for everyone with a passion for fine jewellery and contemporary silver.

QEST William Parker Scholar Yeena Yoon will be exhibiting a brooch made of black jade and gold, integrating fine gold wirework and jade carving learnt during her QEST Scholarship training. This piece challenges the normal perception of how semi-precious stones are used in jewellery, rather than metal mount surrounding the stone, in this piece the stone hugs the gold to reveal its delicate balance.

QEST Tom Helme Scholar Joy Bonfield-Colombara will be showing Hypatia, made of recycled 22kt yellow gold, recycled platinum, and 18kt recycled white gold with diamonds.

She comments, “Hypatia was force of nature, a Greek philosopher and mathematician and a woman who was written about by Plato in a patriarchal society. In previous work, I have explored the hidden histories of forgotten female heroes, creating miniature monuments in their honour. This ring is to celebrate and honour Hypatia – but also to protest against violence to woman. The historical recurrence of violence to women, for simply being a woman, is barbaric. Her portrait is carved and cast into 22ct yellow gold, welded into a platinum shank with my signature ‘Hewn’ texture which originates from a lineage dating back to 12th century stone masons. The platinum and diamond tears are strong, noble materials that resonate with the subject.

Discover more about the event here and buy tickets here.

Manasi Depala
Sian Evans
Yeena Yoon
Joy Bonfield-Colombara
Jacqueline Cullen
Kayo Saito

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