Katherine Huskie

2020 QEST Arts Scholars' Company Scholar - Glass & Neon Art

Katherine has worked as a glass artist for over 10 years. She specialises in blown glass, which she produces for her own practice as well as for a number of UK and international artists at her workshop, Devereux and Huskie Glassworks, in Wiltshire. When first introduced to neon bending, Katherine immediately saw the potential to revitalise the craft by incorporating it into her contemporary practice.   

Though invented in the UK, neon bending is now an endangered craft here, with few practitioners and no full education courses offered. Having self-funded a week of training at Urban Glass in Brooklyn, New York, Katherine will use her QEST Scholarship to undertake four weeks of one-to-one training with a neon master (Andy Doig) at Neon School in Brighton. She will learn how to bend to follow specific patterns, join electrodes, fill tubes with gasses and safely install tubing.    

Katherine hopes to become fully versed in all technical aspects of neon art creation, and to contribute to an exciting new era of British neon. As an experienced tutor, she will share her new skills with other makers through her existing teaching network and private studio, as well as through galleries, festivals and professional events. She hopes to inspire other with her passion for blown glass and neon bending.  

I have always been interested in patterns whether it is within nature, textiles or geometry. I am always searching for new influences and how I can incorporate these discoveries within my glass practice. I am eager to further my neon journey and am excited to see how I can combine it with my existing glass blowing skills.