Henry Middleton
Metal Work
The Dulverton Trust
Autumn | 2017

Henry Middleton is a young apprentice farrier who strongly believes in merging traditional methods and skills with modern knowledge. The increased modernisation of shoeing has meant that machines now make almost all of the horse shoes applied in basic shoeing. This means that the number of people using traditional skills required to produce the shoe are in decline.

Henry would like to continue this traditional skillset, whilst also bringing a further dimension to the farriery business, which is a focus on the remedial side. This is a specialist area that uses modern materials and methods, and applies it to the old skills required to make the adequate shoe to serve the complex veterinary anatomical problems associated with horses. This method of shoeing can only be man-made and keeps the old skills of producing shoes alive with a modern direction; an idea which Henry believes is the future of the craft sector.

Ultimately this apprenticeship will allow Henry to pursue a professional career as a farrier. He will use all of the skills gained during the apprenticeship as a base to build a greater understanding and skill set to continually improve the service he provides to clients, and in turn, horse welfare.

Henry will apprentice with Farrierer Karn Herbert in Oxfordshire for three years. He will also attend courses during his apprenticeship in order to obtain a diploma in Farriery.


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