Isatu Hyde
Spring | 2014

Isatu is a potter currently apprenticed to Andrew Crouch at the Marches Pottery in Ludlow, Shropshire. She works full-time at the Marches Pottery learning to make pieces for the shop, and training as a production potter of stoneware pottery.

Since receiving the QEST apprenticeship bursary, Isatu has been able to work full-time for Andrew at the time when he could not have paid her, and the work she made would not have paid her way. It is a crucial stage at the beginning of an apprenticeship, when the aprrentice has to go through the process of learning, before they become truly productive in a craft business. Without the bursary, Isatu would have had to find part-time work in order to fund herself through this time, which would inevitable disruppt and slow the learning process.

Since winnning the QEST scholarship, Isatu’s skills have increased at a pleasing pace. She attended the NEW Desingers One-Year-On show, and was awarded membership to Design Nation and the Design Trust in response to her own work that she showed there. Subsequently she will be part of a Design Nation Showcase at the Southbank Festival Terrace shop throughout October this year.

In future, Isatu plans to run her own pottery and make and sell pottery of a high standard of making and design.


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