Leora Honeyman

2020 QEST Bendicks Scholar - Ceramics & Glass

Leora is an experienced designer and maker producing original works which test boundaries between material disciplines. 

Leora’s QEST Scholarship will contribute to her course fees at the Royal College of Art (RCA), where she is studying for an MA in Ceramics & Glass. The funding will also support a bespoke programme of training in industrial pottery skills, industrial textile braiding, and large borosilicate-tube lampworking. Together these will enable her to produce a body of work and supporting research examining the potential for the contemporary use as well as re-interpretation and hybridisation of these crafts.

I view craft objects as items of importance, capable of embodying and expressing the essential nature of a culture, I therefore approach the task of making them with a keen regard for the meaning they convey, as well as the anima of the things themselves, pursuing both pattern and form as a translatorial languages capable of embedding and bridging understanding.