QEST Scholars at Formed with Future Heritage

26th September 2022


The well-established Future Heritage, a showcase of established and emerging makers curated by influential design journalist and curator Corinne Julius, will take place at the Design Centre Chelsea Harbour 10-14 October 2022. Three QEST Scholars and ceramicists – Leora Honeyman, Hannah Tounsend and Frances Priest – will be among the selected makers exhibiting their work.

For the show, Corinne has carefully selected the cutting-edge designers at the forefront of craft. Their work is intellectually thoughtful, expresses potent narratives and rigorously executed with makers pushing their chosen material or process in new directions. Work spans disciplines including ceramics, glass, metalwork, basketry and paper, to non-traditional materials such as mycelium.

Frances Priest is a pattern obsessive and lover of colour, exploring cultural histories and narratives of ornament though her studio ceramics and installations in the built environment. In 2020 Frances became a QEST Johnnie Walker Scholar, training with heritage tile manufacturer Craven Dunnill Jackfield. Research into historical archives informs a new collection of richly patterned and glazed tile designs. A unique hand-painted tile panel will be accompanied by new studio works, creating a glorious celebration of ornament and pattern to mark the conclusion of Frances’ QEST Scholarship.

A second installation, Imbrication,  will chart a recent move into the digital realm through an Alt W commission developed in collaboration with digital artist Sam Healy. Motifs from the realm of neoclassical architecture dance and evolve on screen, tracing a journey from the ancient, analogue and physical, to the modern, digital and abstract. Craft techniques such as tiling, mosaic, marquetry, weave and stitch all originated as mathematical pattern structures and here are brought full circle, ‘re-encoded’ as algorithms. This work will also be accompanied by new studio ceramic pieces. 

Leora Honeyman combines digital and traditional craft techniques to produce pieces that have the nuance and material sensitivity associated with handcrafting, embedded within forms that are only possible through computerised methods.

The works she will display at Formed with Future Heritage are the primrose series, which are morphic studies into the geometry and structure of a primrose flower and the djinn jars.

QEST Howdens Scholar, ceramicist and painter Hannah Tounsend creates vessels and installations that explore and celebrate the ceramic practice of extensive material testing.

‘A Record of Sorts II’ continues Tounsend’s resolve to bring to prominence the careful, ordered investigations that invisibly underpin ceramic surfaces. This artwork of over a hundred small vessels, presents a visual catalogue of subtly graded colour and amorphous, drifting tones.

Formed with Future Heritage (10-14 October 2022)

Design Centre Chelsea Harbour, Lots Road, London SW10 0XE

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