Juliet Bailey
Woven Textile Design & Making
Summer | 2013

Juliet Bailey co-founded Bristol based design studio Dash and Miller Ltd. in 2009.  She is a hand-woven designer contributing to both a seasonal portfolio of hand-woven designs that are supplied to all areas of the fashion and interior industries, and a seasonal collection of UK produced ready to wear luxury womenswear fabrics.

The QEST scholarship has enabled Juliet to undertake a comprehensive research project throughout the UK to improve her understanding of modern and traditional industrial production methods. The scholarship was used to fund a series of visits to renowned UK manufacturing facilities that included intensive training in technical aspects of all areas of the UK textiles industry from fibre harvest, through to spinning, dyeing, weaving and finishing.

Due to the QEST scholarship Juliet has not only extensively improved her knowledge of textile manufacturing processes, but has also forged links with many reputable UK manufacturers that has lead to exciting business opportunities and collaborations. Gaining a broader understanding of industrial procedures has informed Juliet’s hand-woven design process, in turn enriching the level of design and service Dash and Miller Ltd can offer their clients.

Future plans include building upon business relationships formed during the QEST research, to increase outsourcing of production fabric to UK based manufacturers, and to launch a Bristol based woven production sampling facility.


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