Naomi Nevill
Enamelling, Goldsmithing and Jewellery Designing
Jewellery & Metal Work
Dengie Crops
Spring | 2016

Naomi's work aims to encourage a closer look at nature, even the smallest most insignificant seeming flora or fauna can be dazzling close up. Macro and micro prints often inspire her work, from vibrant lizard scales and bird feathers to the intricate structures of honeycomb and fungi.

"Travelling the UK on walking holidays, visiting museums, galleries and nature reserves, this was my childhood, and it taught me to explore everything. The closer you look the more interesting our countryside becomes, observing the interplay and harmony of an ecosystem, the links between organisms and the behaviour of each species, no matter how small, can be a window into the larger more complex structures that make up our environment, the more links we make the more we understand how fragile and special each connection is. Using these prints and patterns in my work, recreating them using vitreous enamel, hand engraving and goldsmithing, I hope to inspire a closer look and appreciation for the natural minutiae which I have always found so fascinating."

Currently, Naomi is working on a new collection called 'Heritage and Habitat' which combines recognisable UK heritage sites such as castles, abbeys and lighthouses, with a piece of flora or fauna from that area. The techniques used also include heritage crafts which have changed little in hundreds of years. This collection is designed to highlight the importance of maintaining and celebrating our heritage, from the countryside with all its wonderful wildlife and historical sites, to the art and crafts which QEST are striving to preserve.

Naomi has won awards in a variety of mediums, from jewellery design and goldsmithing to modelling, engraving and enamelling. Traditional techniques such as these may be time-consuming and difficult to master but thanks to QEST she is now a protégée of Phil Barnes, one of the best enamellers and engravers in the UK. Thanks to her training she won five awards in the prestigious 'Goldsmiths Craft and Design Awards 2018', however this mentorship is ongoing as it can take many years to truly master these crafts.


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