Tiffany Parkinson
Leather Work & Saddlery
Saddlers' Company
Summer | 2012

Master Saddler Tiffany Parkinson has been in the Saddlery business since she left school. Years of working with established and respected saddlers has given her a great foundation in the saddlery industry. Her scholarship has allowed her to learn about the restoration and manufacture of side saddles as well as the fitting and balancing of them to horse and rider.  This would have been out of her reach without the scholarship and would have meant that some of the knowledge vital to side saddlers wouldn't have been passed on from Richard Godden - one of the original side saddlers from the famous English firm Champion and Wilton.

Since receiving her scholarship, Tiffany has attended the Saddlery Training Centre in Salisbury where she has learned the basics on how to restore side saddles which may be up to 120 years old. She has also started learning to manufacture side saddles. The first one that she completed won first prize at the Society of Master Saddlers annual saddlery competition in the Side Saddle class. As a QEST scholar, Tiffany has been able to attend the Coronation Festival at Buckingham Palace and the Royal Windsor Horse show, where she was able to demonstrate her craft to the public.