2019 QEST Saddlers' Company Scholar - Saddlery

Saddlery student Lucy has identified courses across the UK that will enable her to become a fully qualified harness maker and bring the critically endangered craft of collar making to County Down.

In preparation for her City & Guilds Level 3 Harness Making, Lucy will attend a Gig Saddle course on materials, tools and manufacture at The Saddlery Training Centre.  Learning to make a cob-size collar with the vastly experienced John McDonald will be followed by a focus on heavy horse collars under the supervision of Chris Taylor (who also trained with John) at Saddler’s Den.  Frances Roche, Master Saddler at the Royal Mews, will spend time with Lucy on harness repair, making and fitting for different carriages and occasions.

The ability to make, size and fit a bespoke harness and collar will be of great benefit to the horses at driving clubs in Northern and Southern Ireland and my business. I am also looking forward to making notes on the extensive harness collection at the Royal Mews that I hope will inspire my own patterns.