Nicola Watson

2013 QEST Saddlers' Company Scholar - Side Saddle Making & Restoration
East Sussex

Based in East Sussex, for the past twenty years Master Saddler Nicola has practised as a saddler and bridle maker. She repairs, restores and manufactures bespoke saddlery and bridlework, as well as most leathergoods including hand-stitched belts, watch straps, bags, cases, dog collars and leads. She also enjoys refurbishing antiques such as gun cases and luggage. Nicola is passionate about side saddle riding and her scholarship enabled her to become a side saddle specialist by enabling her attend courses led by the semi-retired and much in demand Richard Godden.

Nicola is currently making a range of new side saddles to fulfil an increasing demand, and has a selection of new and old side saddles available for sale or hire.

The most memorable moment in my professional life was winning the Side Saddle class at the Society of Master Saddlers National Saddlery Competition in 2019.