Chloe Scadding

2022 - Building Arts Programme

Chloe Scadding studied for a degree in Textile Design at Chelsea College of Art, London. Since graduating she has worked for over ten years as a self-employed freelance designer specialising in decorative mixed media textiles. Her work utilises a range of personally developed, hand crafted and machine based techniques, which she has sold internationally to many production mills and well known brands.

During her time working within the commercial textiles sector Chloe has become increasingly concerned with the disconnect between design production, the consumers’ relationship with material goods and the environments in which we live. In reaction to this her focus has shifted towards practices which honour the traditions of craft and how we can utilise these for a more sustainable future.

Chloe is interested in exploring processes outside of a typical textile discipline and is taking part in the Building Arts Programme 2022, run in collaboration with The Prince’s Foundation. She views this as an exceptional opportunity to learn from master craftspeople whilst working alongside like-minded peers. Inspired by the holistic values of The Prince’s Foundation, Chloe hopes to develop her understanding and skill set within traditional crafts in order to progress as a creative practitioner and educator.

I wish to explore how we can aid better connection, understanding and appreciation of our built and natural environment via the use of creativity and traditional crafts. 

QEST Sanderson Rising Star Craft Award

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