Natasha Russell

2020 Prince's Foundation Scholar - Printmaking
East Lothian

Natasha is a printmaker who specialises in making work that is tailored to the built environment and public spaces. She is interested in the ways that decorative methods can also help to connect us to the stories, surroundings and materials linked to specific locations, buildings or objects. The possibilities of using pattern in order to shift the overall sense of space and atmosphere in a room, or of using points of detail to bring focus to specific features drives her use of tiling, carving and mural painting.  

This work often leads her to work collaboratively, whether in illustrating the work of scientific researchers, developing workshops for members of the public or sharing skills and projects with other designers and makers.

Natasha took part in the Building Arts Programme 2020, run in collaboration with The Prince’s Foundation, in order to combine her knowledge of printmaking, painting and surface decoration with other crafts. The skills she acquired on the course will allow her to respond to building related briefs with a more holistic understanding of the forms, materials and structures involved.

My interests in developing work for the built environment are driven by an enthusiasm for art and design, embedded in settings surrounding everyday life that help to spark an interest in our surroundings and that impact our daily experience of a space or place.