Kit Jones

2018 QEST Prince's Foundation Scholar - Building Crafts
South Yorkshire

Kit is a builder interested in the junction between heritage and ecological building. Kit studied on the Traditional Building Skills Programme, a collaboration between QEST and The Prince’s Foundation, focusing on timber framing but also pursuing interests in earth building and timber conservation.

After completing the programme Kit went on to collaborate with fellow alumni Paddy Riordan to build a timber frame extension in Wales. He currently works as a timber framer and carpenter and incorporates a range of other bio-based materials into his buildings: hemp, lime, straw and earth.

I love having a direct relationship with the materials I build with. When you build with earth, straw and wood they demand that you understand their individual quirks and complexities – the grain in the wood you are using or the precise type of clay in the place you are working. But these materials repay our attention through their remarkable ability to adapt to our needs – even to the point of breathing with us to regulate our air quality.