Christopher Hanson

2019 QEST Howdens Scholar - Painting
West Midlands

Portrait and figurative artist Christopher trained at the London Academy of Representational Art (LARA), aims to capture not only the likeness, but the essence of his sitters. He held his first solo exhibition, Music & Spirituality, at 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning in 2018.

Seeking to deepen his understanding and develop his technique to enhance the quality of his work, Christopher his heading to Italy on a QEST Scholarship to study at Charles H. Cecil Studios.  This private atelier in Florence offers rigorous training in sight-size drawing and painting from life, working with a traditional palette, hand-grinding oil paints and making mediums.

My subjects to date are mostly family members. The skills I acquire from during this month-long course will give me the ability and confidence to paint prominent figures who inspire me.