David Morrish

2023 QEST Scholar - Embroidery
West Yorkshire

An award winning academic and embroiderer, David creates exciting digital embroidery with a distinct signature style for fashion and interiors. He has twice won the Hand & Lock Prize, been awarded the Wilcom Digital Embroider of the Year Award and his clients include: Dannii Minogue, Kim-Joy, Patrick Cox, Linda Barker amongst others. David is an Embroiderers’ Guild Scholar and has showcased his work in various publications, events, exhibitions and on national television. He is currently writing a project based digital embroidery book, due for release in 2024.

With his 2023 QEST Scholarship David seeks to enhance his embroidery skills through one-to-one training with specialist craftspeople in hand and machine embroidery. He will study online with the Royal School of Needlework and explore traditional hand skills such as blackwork, goldwork, crewelwork and more. Additionally, he will participate in workshops with renowned embroidery experts. David is keen to explore the relationship between hand, free machine and digital embroidery to identify new hybrid aesthetics, blending traditional heritage skills with new technologies. 

Colours, textures and subject matter are the key fundamental elements that give my work an intriguing quality. I am a responsive artist, not afraid to take risks, explore possibilities and I embrace and celebrate what others may call errors – thus giving my work a soul.

QEST Sanderson Rising Star Craft Award

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