Greg Goodwillie

2022 QEST Scholar - Hand engraving

Greg is a hand engraver, working with hard metals and specialising in applying traditional engraving styles to guitars. Having learned how to engrave by hand as an apprentice for a gunmaker, he developed his skills over his career, both making new guns and doing restoration, conservation and repair work, working for companies including J.Purdey & Sons and Watson Bros. More recently he spent four years working for Robson Guitars, devoting his engraving skills to guitar-making and is currently self-employed and doing freelance work for a diverse range of clients.

Greg’s QEST Scholarship will provide him with the opportunity to be taught by master craftsman, Jeff Parke, in Phoenix, Arizona. Jeff will teach Greg unique engraving techniques, enabling him to work with gold and platinum inlay, and to craft various metals together to produce unique colours. They will also study relief cutting, metal removal, and micro-shading (using a microscope setup), all of which will enable him to take his skills to the next level.

I have been lucky enough to find a job and craft I thoroughly enjoy, using my artistic skills daily and applying them to various forms of metal. Ranging from shotguns to guitars, it has been a incredible journey to date. Gaining my scholarship through the QEST I now feel I can push this even further, creating my own brand of  unique hand engraved guitars.