Hannah Griffiths

2009 QEST Scholar - Mosaic Art
East Sussex

Hannah is a mosaic artist and painter based in Battle, East Sussex. She makes bespoke mosaics for public and private clients and has undertaken diverse commissions including wall art for colleges and hospitals.  Numerous domestic commissions including floors, kitchens, tables and mirrors have been inspired by diverse subject matter including African textiles, Moroccan pattern, Italian church floors, the Crown Jewels and Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

In 2009 Hannah was awarded a QEST Scholarship to attend the Master in Mosaic course at Orsoni, the famed Venetian producer of artisanal mosaics. This was an opportunity to learn to work with smalti, hand-made enamelled glass, in the oldest and most respected mosaic establishment. Hannah found the experience exhilarating and returned to her studio in East Sussex with renewed creative energy.

I trained as a painter but fell in love with the art of mosaics when I was introduced to it about 20 years ago. I love passing on the craft, teaching workshops and school projects.