Jane Fryers

2005 QEST Scholar - Millinery
East Sussex

Jane is a millinery artist with a love of the unusual. Once she had mastered making hats with felt, straw and fabric, she turned her attention to creating with handbags, stair carpet and even a roll of 35mm film. A photograph of a salmon skin bikini designed by Claudia Escobar was the inspiration that prompted Jane’s fascination with fish leather. She has researched methods of working with this beautiful sustainable material combining them with traditional millinery techniques to create stunning hats and headpieces. The QEST Scholarship not only provided Jane with funds to carry on studying but gave her the confidence to accept a teaching job at Central Saint Martins. Her passion is passing on her knowledge to others, whether it be a novice who has never made a hat, or an experienced milliner keen to learn how to work with fish leather.

The most memorable moment in my professional career has to be meeting Her Majesty the Queen and seeing the smile on her face as she cautiously asked me if fish leather smells of fish. It doesn’t.