Veronica Main

1995 QEST Scholar - Straw work

Having discovered a passion for working with straw over forty years ago, Veronica has worked tirelessly to promote various straw work techniques and to pass on the associated social histories to other enthusiasts.

In the beginning she worked to commission, often undertaking major projects for film and TV. She also taught corn dollies and decorative straw work before beginning to research the Straw Hat Industry.  Her QEST Scholarship allowed her to travel to America and Switzerland where she undertook significant further research.

Veronica fulfilled her dream in 2007 by becoming a senior curator at Wardown House Museum, Luton where she was in charge of the Hat Industry and Headwear Collection. Now retired, she continues to promote hat plaiting and other forms of straw work with the same dedication and determination she has always shown. She can often be seen and heard on TV and radio.

Her passion for straw work is infectous. She passes on the heritage with such a sense of joy. I could listen to Veronica speak about these heritage crafts all day, I always learn so much.