Sahar Freemantle

2020 QEST Scholar - Millinery

Sahar is a forward-thinking milliner who demonstrates great technical skill in her current practice, producing commercial-style hats. She has sold to the international market and created hats for the screen, including for Downton Abbey. With support from QEST, she will undertake a programme of three short courses with master milliners which will enable her to progress her work to the next level.   

With Dillon Wallwork, she will attend one-on-one masterclasses in blocking straw and fur felt and covering hats with silk; with Ian Bennett Millinery she will learn new methods with feathers to produce headpieces outside her current comfort zone, and finally, at Present Perfect Creations, she will practice flower making using traditional tools and intricate methods, with silk, velvet, and leather.  

I love creating beauty and inspiring creativity in others. I do this through my millinery, by making pieces of excellence which flatter and bring joy to the wearers, or by hosting events to bring out creativity in the participants.