Jenny Pickford

2010 QEST Scholar - Blacksmithing & Glassblowing

Jenny discovered her passion for forged steel following her Fine Art studies in Belfast, and she in 2002 she graduated in blacksmithing from Hereford College of Art. Jenny was awarded her QEST Scholarship to study glassblowing at the Pilchuck School of Glass in Seattle, and it is this unique combination of materials that gives her sculptures the strength and delicacy that defines her work. Now an internationally renowned artist, Jenny has exhibited across the UK with public art pieces on show in China, Australia and America. Jenny’s work is designed to be outside, with the natural light pouring through the glass.  Her sculptures, often inspired by the spirit of nature, are uplifting and joyous.

Forged steel is one of the most versatile materials and can be used to make anything from a sewing needle to a skyscraper. I can make a large scale sculpture appear delicate and fragile whilst being robust enough to withstand the elements, I want people to look into the light.