Jeremy Cash

2020 QEST Ironmongers’ Company Apprentice - Blacksmithing

With a passion for metalwork, Jeremy studied forgework skills at Hereford College alongside working as a blacksmith in residence at The Forge in the Moor, in Devon. After learning more about the heritage crafts industry with the Prince’s Foundation he is now starting an apprenticeship with master blacksmith Paul Gilbert, supported by QEST. This will enable him to improve the general quality of his forge work while learning about the inception, planning, execution and fitting of large iron work projects.  

Under Paul’s guidance Jeremy will gain experience with traditional and contemporary architectural iron work, ranging from the rococo style to more modern free form iron work. This will be alongside the setting up of his own forge and workshop, and he will also be working towards a certificate of merit from the Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths. 

After years of engineering, blacksmithing has given me a way of using the knowledge I have learned in a creative and fulfilling way. It is wonderful to be part of a craft tradition stretching back to the working of meteoric iron 5000 years ago.