Jessica Wetherly

2015 QEST Arts Society Scholar - Sculpture

A London based sculptor, Jessica’s work navigates the blindness of an anthropocentric society where conflicts of natural and artificial, animate and inanimate, technology, machine, body, come in to question. Curious critters appear in surreal landscapes with a sci-fi aesthetic that exposes a certain agency as we face the end of the Anthropocene and unravel a potential in the disorientation associated with the loss of the future. Her work is intuitive and playful using a range of everyday materials which are worked in a way that reflects her background in traditional sculpture techniques of modelling, moulding and casting.

Jessica’s QEST Scholarship enabled her to seek further training, mentoring and instruction from practising sculptors across the UK in a series of workshops and work placements.  This was invaluable experience that excelled her skills and created a fluency in modelling which is fundamental to her practise today. Since then she has graduated from the Royal College of Art with an MA in Sculpture. Her work has been shown nationally and internationally with her first solo show in Austin, USA at the end of 2018. In 2019, Jessica won the Broomhill National Sculpture Prize and the Gilbert Bayes Award 2020 with the Royal Society of Sculptors. She has received both public and private commissions including a permanent statue in Archbishop’s Park, Lambeth. Jessica has taken part in a number of residencies both in the UK and abroad in 2020 she will be taking part in Wild Biyoo in Goa, Korai Project Space in Cyprus and BilboaArte in the Basque Country.