Philip Hedgecock

2020 QEST William Parker Scholar - Sculpture

Philip creates fine art, specialising in representational portraits and figurative work. His classical training began in 2016 at the London Atelier of Representational Art, and in 2019 he moved to Florence, Italy where he has studied marble carving at Studio Della Statua and is currently undertaking the three-year Drawing & Sculpture programme at The Florence Academy of Art. Here he is learning 19th century classical realism methods for drawing and sculpture and the QEST Scholarship will fund his final two trimesters.    

On completion of his studies, Philip plans to return to the UK and develop a working studio where he can create larger and grander works. He would also like to take on trainee sculptors and offer them a curriculum of part-academic training and part-practice studio work. 

For me, the human figure can express a myriad of emotions and narratives which I am constantly striving to explore and capture through my work.