Oliver Pitt

2022 QEST Prince's Foundation Scholar - Building Arts Programme

Oliver Pitt is a designer, illustrator, printmaker and musician based in Glasgow. Over the past 10 years he has worked across a range of disciplines with particular interest in self-publishing, graphic arts, analogue print and design for music. He teaches communication design and runs the record label Akashic Records.

Oliver’s work combines intricate, handmade techniques with functional, ephemeral objects often taking the role of designer, printer and manufacturer within a project. Collograph, screenprint, sewing and stencil painting are used for both their aesthetic qualities and their ease of reproduction allowing multiple editions of each artwork to be made and distributed. Traditional design and craft movements have often informed Oliver’s work. He is enrolled on the Building Arts Programme 2022, run in collaboration with The Prince’s Foundation, which will allow him to better understand the principles, history and context behind the craft and expand his practice to a broader range of uses and functions within the built environment.