Oluwamuyiwa Fadairo

2020 QEST Cordwainer's Company Apprentice - Shoemaking

Oluwamuyiwa aspires to become a bespoke shoemaker and enjoys the steps, processes and complexities involved in the construction of hand sewn shoes. 

John Lobb has been making the finest shoes and boots for gentlemen since 1866, and Oluwamuyiwa approached the company for an apprenticeship as he believes this is the right environment for him to receive the best possible training in shoemaking. With support from QEST, Oluwamuyiwa will apprentice at John Lobb for three years, during which he will learn and improve on numerous skills including hand skiving, hand lasting, hand welting, sole stitching by hand, bevelled waist construction, finishing, Norwegian welt construction, heel building, balancing uppers on shoe lasts, boot construction and perfecting the use of specialist tools. He also looks forward to learning how the business and team operates, receiving valuable mentorship from their master craftsmen and improving his efficiency and productivity. 

Completing a BA in Architecture, I developed a keen eye for detail and a strong sense of aesthetic appreciation, and working with my hands has definitely helped eased the transition into shoemaking. I aspire to make shoes that are durable, functional and beautiful.