Rosanna Bishop

2018 QEST Garfield Weston Foundation Scholar - Printed textiles

Rosanna is a Printed Textile Designer who works from a studio and print room in Peckham, London.

Rosanna worked with luxury design houses for many years, including ongoing freelance work after a full time design role at Alexander McQueen, bespoke projects for Pringle of Scotland’s LFW shows, and a collaboration with Fashion Designer Renata Brenha which led to a presentation at LFW and feature in Vogue. Other work includes a full time Print Room Manager role at Zandra Rhodes and curating and screen-printing two collections for  She has worked with Pierpaolo of Valentino on a print collaboration with Zandra, as well as showcasing her own collections of work in New York City & Hampton Court Palace.  A QEST Scholarship supported her MA in Printed Textiles at The Royal College of Art.

Part of Rosanna’s aim as a Printed Textile Designer is to celebrate the beauty in slow and thoughtful processes such as hand illustrations, hand dyeing and screen-printing; not only in aid of preserving these crafts, but also in a reaction against fast fashion and disposable design. Taking the time to design and create considered pieces hopes to promote a deeper appreciation for the textile and therefore a longevity in its beauty and enjoyment for the consumer, not only is this more sustainable but it also celebrates the brilliance of true craftsmanship.