Shannon Knight

2015 QEST Cambridge Satchel Company Apprentice - Jewellery

Shannon has a background in meticulously hand carved prototypes, working with precious metals and a long standing interest in gemstone setting.  This led her to apply for a QEST Apprenticeship in 2015 to study micro pave under an award winning optical diamond setter and QEST Scholar, Jessica Poole. The generous funding from QEST allowed Shannon the opportunity to master a technique requiring precision and accuracy to one tenth of a millimeter, whilst gaining practical experience in varied setting styles. She was also trained to handle various gemstones with different precious metals, along with tool making for specific setting applications.

Since completing her apprenticeship, Shannon has set up her own micro pave workshop, undertaking setting for the trade.  She hopes to pass along the skills she has acquired to other aspiring setters in the near future.

I find crafting sumptuous objects of adornment from raw materials a contemplative process, bringing a sense of continuum by employing ancient techniques in the present. Making things by hand, a quickly disappearing art, is one of the great joys of life in the modern age of technology.