Thea Sanders

2017 QEST Scholar - Knitted Textiles & Upholstery

Somerset knitwear designer Thea, a graduate of Nottingham Trent University and winner of the Visionary Knitwear Award at Graduate Fashion Week 2013, loves working with colour and pattern to create unique knit stitches.  She uses a traditional hand flat knitting machine to create her designs and knitted textiles.

Thea applied to QEST to fund 100 days of training at Stewart’s Traditional Upholstery in Devon. She has combined her new upholstery skills with her highly developed abilities in knitted textiles to create bespoke, one-of-a-kind interior pieces. Thea has completed commissions to re-upholster antique furniture in woven fabric, re-upholstered chairs using woven fabrics enhanced by an element of knit and designed footstools covered entirely in her original knitted fabric.

My knitted textiles are worked by hand on a knitting machine. I manipulate individual stitches to create the intricate designs. It was such a thrill to showcase my hybrid craft at a QEST event at the Victoria and Albert Museum and to sell my first unique footstool.