JoJo Wood
Clog Making
Shoe Making & Wood Work
Ernest Cook Trust
Spring | 2015

JoJo Wood is a spooncarver and apprentice clogmaker based in Herefordshire. A second generation woodworker, JoJo was raised surrounded by craft and is utilising her wide experience working British hardwoods to create beautiful and functional long lasting objects.

The past few years she has spent her time working on a wide range of international projects – from Täljfest, a woodworking festival in Sweden, to building a birch bark canoe on an Ojibwe reservation in northern Wisconsin. Along her journey she discovered clogmaking, a craft appealing to both her love of woodwork and her offbeat fashion sense.

Her QEST scholarship has enabled her to work alongside Jeremy Atkinson, the country's last traditional clogmaker, to learn the art of hand cutting bespoke wooden soled footwear. In this intensive one on one training JoJo is learning every aspect of this valuable craft, equipping her with all the skills required to set up in business as a full time clogmaker.

JoJo hopes to establish herself as the country's leading provider of luxury bespoke handmade clogs. She wants to continue to develop her skills and begin to experiment with contemporary forms, coming up with a range of unusual and fashionable footwear that mixes the perfect blend of traditional technique and modern style.